A Few Friendly Farm Rules......

  • Please leave your pets at home.  Many of our animals have a natural instinct to protect and will charge at dogs.  Come visit the animals on the farm, but leave your pets at home.

  • NO SMOKING. We allow smoking in the parking lot only.  

  • We do not allow alcohol on the property.

  • Children should always be in the company of their parents.  We do not allow children to be dropped off and play at the farm, parents must accompany children at all times.

  • Always wash your hands after coming into contact with animals.   We have several hand wash stations and hand sanitizing stations. 

  • No running in the corn maze.

  • Please do not use profanity, our corn has sensitive ears. 

  • We do not permit drones from flying over the corn maze. Our maze is located near an airport, drones are not allowed.

  • Please leave the corn in the maze.  We feed it to the animals in the winter, if you take it home we won't have any for the animals.

  • DO NOT FEED anything to the animals. They are all on special diets and their food is regulated. We do sell special food the animals can eat, just ask any cashier.

  • When feeding the animals lay your hand out flat and let them eat the feed out of your hand.  They may mistake your fingers for food, they aren't picky.

  • Please do not unlock gates. The gates are there for a reason.

  • Due to weather we may need to close the patch for safety reasons.  Be sure to check our facebook page or call 989-513-5222 before visiting if it is raining.


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