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Animals at the Patch

Grandma's Pumpkin Patch has a variety of animals for your family to pet and intereract with. The animals are located in the Kidland Play Yard area which requires an admission.



We have an assortment of friendly goats on the farm that are always up for an ear scratch or snack. We have boar, nigerian dwarf, pygmy and fainting goats. Be sure to check out the baby goats in the weigh station and our goat petting pen (not open with covid restrictions).



Come see our bunnies at the patch, on the weekends we have a bunny petting station where you can sit and pet the bunies (depending on current COVID precautions)

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Grandma's Pumpkin Patch sells farm fresh eggs year round, and each fall we get new baby chicks. The chicks are a variety of breeds, come see the beautiful chicks.



Come see our two alpacas, Five By Five and Almost Five, or as he is better know as - Spitty Guy. Alpacas are in the camel family and are known to spit. They have very warm fiber that is used for knitting. Alpacas look a lot like llamas, but they are smaller and their fiber is different. Just an FYI, alpacs LOVE the goat food. if you purchase goat food when visiting be sure to save some for the alpacas.



Leo the lamb is no longer a baby lamb, but he is still a big baby. He is full of personality and always looking to get into trouble.



Gorgeous George is our resident llama and watch dog of the patch. He is always on high alert checking things out at the patch. But don't worry, he is nice and only spits at the donkey, he LOVES goat food and will even trades pets for food. 



What's that noise? Don't be alarmed, it's just Dolly the donkey letting out a big he-haw to let you know she needs her ears scratched! She is a mini donkey and loves to meet new friends. 



We have an assortment of birds in coops around the farm including turkeys, ducks, chickens and peacocks.

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