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Hay ride
Grandma's Pumpkin Patch has fun for the whole family.  From pig races to the corn maze, plan on staying all day to enjoy the fun!


Kidland Play Yard

There is no charge to enter the area where our pumpkins are located and parking is always free!

Our Kidland Play Yard is filled with fun activities and the cost to enter is $5.00 per person (1 and under free).  

The Kidland Play Yard includes:

  • Our 3 acre corn maze (available Monday - Sunday)

  • Cow Train Ride (available Wed 4pm - 7pm, Sat 10am - 6pm and Sun 12pm - 6pm)

  • Hay Ride (available Sat 10am - 6pm and Sun 12pm - 6pm)

  • Animals including our goats and donkeys

  • General playscapes including our tire sand box, combine slide, gravity wagon basketball game and more!

Pony Rides

Every Saturday and Sunday in October we offer pony rides.  They are not included in the admission fee to the Kidland Play Yard. 


We plant over 20 acres of pumpkins, gourds and squash to offer a variety of items for you decorating needs.  There is not an admission fee to get into our pumpkin area and never a parking fee.  We also offer straw, corn stalks, festive corn, and mums. 

Corn Maze

Looking for something fun to do that will challenge your navigation skills?  Try our 3 acre corn maze.  Each year we feature a celebrity in the maze, and since 2013 we have featured someone from Michigan.  The corn maze is included with the admission to the Kidland Play Yard.

If you are looking for a real challenge try the flashlight corn maze

Feed Trough

The Feed Trough is our snack station, but we offer more than snacks!  Our menu includes fresh made cinnamon sugar donuts, apple cider slushies, coffee, pop, water, chicken tenders with fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, chicken patty sandwiches, hot dogs, and caramel apples.


The feed trough is open:

  • Wednesdays 4pm - 7pm

  • Sat 10am - 6pm

  • Sun 12pm - 6pm